30 Days Money Back Policy - SoftLay

We know pulling the trigger on a purchase of enterprise software can be challenging. Will it deliver as promised? Am I going to be better off? Do not let yourself so much confused about SoftLay Software’s

Unlike other software vendors we provide full money back guarantee on our SoftLay Software. We are confident that our SoftLay software range will always prove to be best to your satisfaction level.

We provide the demo version of our software range that gives you fair and clear idea about the chances of email conversion in your case. We recommend you to download and use our free demo version of the software before ordering the full product. If our software fails to convert your email and data, then please contact our support staff at support@softlay.org. The support staff will analyze your eml file(s) in our lab. If they are unable to convert your emails to other email clients on which you want to migrate your emails then the full purchase amount will be credited to your credit card. It’s always advised to try the demo of the software.

Please allow at least 30 days for the credit to appear on your next credit card statement.

Refund will be made only if one of the below conditions hold true

  • 1. If the Client was able to perform the operation as stated with demo version but the functionality was not there in the Full Version of the SoftLay Software.

  • 2. If our software fails to perform the respective job, then please contact with our Technical Support Team at support@softlay.org.

  • 3. Our Technical Support Engineer will analyze the case and analyze your files in our SoftLay labs or by remote connectivity. If they are unable to perform conversion of your appropriate file then the FULL purchase amount will be credited to your credit card.

  • 4. If the SoftLay Support Team fails to help the client in resolving the issue stated above. Refund is strictly based on this condition if they fail to provide the full assistance.

  • 5. Please make sure you remove the software before requesting money back.